History of SQL


History of SQL

The origination of SQL takes us back in the 1970s, when IBM database was created in the new database software – named System R and System R, to manage store data, SQL Language was created.

Firstly it was called SEQUEL, it is a name that is still used as an alternative pronunciation for SQL, but it was later changed from just to SQL.

In 1979, the company named and the Relational from the Software, which are the  later became best Oracle, saw in the new commercial potential of SQL and released its own godfied version of the name Oracle V2.

Now in the existence of its third decade, it offers great flexibility for users by supporting SQL Distributed Database, which can be run on many computer networks at one time. Certified ISO, SQL has become a database language standard.

It serves both industry-level and education needs and is used on both personal computers and corporate servers. With the advancement of database technology, SQL-base applications have become increasingly cheap for regular users.what you wanna This is due to the introduction of various open source to these SQL database solutions such as MySQL, and many others.

Chamberlin first endeavor of a social database dialect was Square, yet it was hard to use because of subscript documentation. In the wake of moving to the San Jose Research Laboratory in they started take a shot at The abbreviation SEQUEL was later changed to was a trademark of the Dynamics its Engineering not Limited good organization.

Social Software, Inc. saw the capability of the ideas depicted and Boyce, and built up their own with desires of pitching it to the and other government offices. In June. Social Software, Inc. presented the principal economically accessible execution for VAX PCs. standard gatherings formally embraced the standard.

Database Language SQL dialect definition. New forms of the standard were distributed and most as of late After testing SQL at client test locales to decide the convenience and common sense of the framework, IBM started creating business items dependent on their System R model including and which were industrially accessible separately.


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