Migrate your SQL Server databases


Migrate your SQL Server databases              

Move your SQL Server databases without changing your applications

Get the broadest SQL Server motor similarity and local virtual system (VNET) bolster with SQL Database Managed Instance. This alternative gives you the best of SQL Server, in addition to the operational and money saving advantages of a keen, completely overseen benefit. Overseen Instance is perfect for relocating countless SQL Server databases from on-premises or virtual machines to SQL Database.

Investigate all database movement ways to Azure

Boost ROI by moving to the cloud

Decrease the weight of information level administration and spare time and expenses by relocating remaining burdens to the cloud.

Purplish blue Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server gives a savvy way to moving hundreds or thousands of SQL Server databases with insignificant exertion. Utilize your SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to pay a decreased rate when relocating to the cloud. Set aside to 55 percent with Azure Hybrid Benefit and up to 80 percent with saved limit.

Figure out how clients have expanded efficiency by up to 40 percent by relocating to Azure SQL Database.

Move enormous databases and scale up to 100 TB

Get quick, powerful capacity with SQL Database Hyperscale—the new, exceedingly performant database scaling innovation. Hyperscale empowers SQL Database to adjust to your outstanding burdens and upgrade assets on interest.

Arrangement at least one extra process hubs that can serve your read-just outstanding task at hand and use them as a hot backup if there should arise an occurrence of failover.

Perform tasks in consistent time, paying little mind to the extent of the information activity.

Scale figure and capacity assets quickly and freely, without giving up execution.

Create secure applications in the cloud

Utilize clever assurance and industry-driving security and protection capacities to:

Control access to your database with multifaceted confirmation.

Leave touchy information encoded while being used, with Always Encrypted.

Screen your database for potential dangers and vulnerabilities utilizing Advanced Threat Protection.

Guarantee high accessibility with up to three hot reproductions and implicit programmed failover with a 99.99-percent accessibility SLA.

Improve execution with inherent insight

Enhance memory use, throughput, inertness and inquiry execution.

Wise execution tuning utilizes worked in knowledge with machine learning and versatile innovations to persistently enhance database execution progressively. Naturally get tuning proposals, bits of knowledge and execution enhancements.

Savvy question preparing enhances outstanding task at hand execution with insignificant usage exertion. Highlights incorporate versatile question handling, which adjusts enhancement systems to application remaining burden runtime conditions and surmised inquiry preparing, intended to total expansive informational collections when responsiveness is basic.

Construct multitenant applications in your favored improvement condition

Flawlessly empower DevOps by creating in SQL Server holders and conveying in SQL Database with the simple to-utilize instruments you as of now have, for example, Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio. Or then again assemble your applications with Python, PHP, Ruby ,Java, Node.js, and .NET on the MacOS, Linux or and Windows stages—and convey with the speed and effectiveness your business requests. Amplify your asset usage and oversee a huge number of databases as one, while guaranteeing one client for every database with flexible pools.

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